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God’s Grace is always greater than we think it is!

Art and Deb Weiner – Response to Coronavirus

Deb and I have been discussing, praying, reading, and reflecting on the current situation in our country.

Sickness and disease are not ultimately or solely a scientific phenomenon. Sin, sickness, and disease have plagued our world since Adam and Eve’s initial walking away from God. Jesus died for mankind’s sin including disease. We recognize that not all sickness and disease is healed here on earth before Jesus’ second coming. However, the ministry of the gospel does bring healing to the human race. Sometimes, that includes healing through the medical and scientific community, sometimes it happens outside or independently of the medical and scientific community. The gospel message is a ministry of reconciliation that stands on its own merits at all times. Both Art and Deb are servants of this gospel. (2 Corinthians 5:11-21)

Our calling is to minister to people, to be vessels of grace, hope, and love – regardless of the potential cost to ourselves or to our own lives. (Philippians 1:19-24)

The Community of Faith is a “public ministry” that is needed in this uncertain season. This does not mean that we utterly ignore wise hygiene or extra precautions in this time. Yet, we are willing to minister, meet, pray with, and worship with whomever so will. We will visit the sick and minister to the sick. We are not looking to jump off into a sea full of patients with coronavirus just to be bold. Yet we do not want to have the door of our lives closed to ministering to people during this season. (Proverbs 2:6, 3:5, 3:21 Matthew 25:36, James 5:14)

We are convinced that there is a battle between faith and fear. Our nation and the world currently seem characterized by fear. “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). Faith and fear are essentially opposites. We are choosing to live in the gift of faith that we have for this season. (Romans 12:3)

Other people who also live by faith may be taking a different approach. We honor and respect their faith and their choice in this difficult season. (2 Peter 2:17)

We are communicating this to those who know us, are family, are part of Sanctuary Messianic, Agape, or read the Smiling Maven. We believe it is important to state this, both for those that would appreciate and want the contact with us at this time, and for those who would want to avoid contact with us as we walk in this matter in this season.

We also recognize that some adjustments and reconsiderations may be needed as circumstances continue to develop.

In the magnificent grace of Messiah Y’shua,

Art and Deb Weiner


Sanctuary Messianic Congregation and Shabbat Service