Smiling Maven Ministries is supported by the gracious gifts and donations of those who have experienced the wonderful grace of Messiah Y’shua.  Smiling Maven Ministries is tax-exempt non- profit organization under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.   Donations qualify as tax-deductible.

We are thankful for both one-time gifts and regular monthly support gifts. Please us the link below for either type of gift.

For those who have not yet appreciated or received the magnificence of God’s gracious gift through Messiah, we would ask you not to give a financial gift.  Before you give to support a ministry like ours, we believe that you should carefully consider the tremendous gift that the Almighty has given through Messiah Y’shua.  Receiving that eternal gift is infinitely more important than giving financially.

Online Donation:
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Smiling Maven Ministries
7900 94th Avenue 100B
Pleasant Prairie WI 53158

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