Israel Conference

Finally, an update from our conference in October.
Here are the messages from the three sessions.

Friday 7 PM Shabbat – Main Session:
Israel – Who, What, and Where?
This session focuses on the geographical, political and social factors regarding he present state of Israel, as well as the Jewish community still scattered throughout the world.   Israel is a tiny speck on a world map,  it is less than .2% of the entire Middle East.   Yet, this tiny country draws world attention.   It is an amazing piece of real estate.   An amazing small country.

Saturday 4:00 PM Main Session
Why Israel?
This looks at the scriptural promises of Israel and how there is coming a tremendous spiritual explosion in and among the Jewish people. That explosion of God’s grace will impact the world in fantastically incredible ways. All God’s promises are yes and amen. That includes all his promises regarding Israel!

6:30 PM Main Session
Israel How??
How will this great spiritual explosion happen? What are some indicators that we are close to this happening? What is the spiritual atmosphere like in Israel? How are we ministering? How are others ministering in and around Israel?


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