Men’s Retreat

The 2022 Men’s Retreat is less than two months away.   The dates are May 13 – May 15, 2021.
As in all past retreats we will be hiking at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin.  We will have a few hiking possibilities; something for those that just want some fresh air and short hike, the longer trek up the bluff and around the lake, and something in between.  Here is a link for this year’s flyer and a link for registration.

Hiking Retreat 2022 Flyer

Registration Link

Retreat Photos

Here are a few other helpful links.

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3 thoughts on “Men’s Retreat

  1. It was a beautiful weekend time. I enjoyed walking even though it was a bit challenging at times. Nice facilities and food prep. Good to see all and get away from urban environs. Even the delay had some interest.

  2. I was truly blessed by this experience. It was my first time joining this annual event, and I’m quite glad that I did. It’s truly amazing how quickly even those who didn’t know one another before the trip were able to open up to each other; it seems like we were together longer than just two days! The hiking, swimming, and retreat center were great, too. Expeditions Unlimited made us feel right at home. Everything was memorable, but it’s really about what God does in us in the midst of it all. Thanks, Art!

  3. This was a wonderful time for me also. I instantly felt at home with new friends as well as veterans. Everyone was so easy to talk to and fun to be with. Even the ride to Wisconsin was fun, despite the van breakdown. The apple pie made it all worth while! Expeditions Unlimited did a great job, had excellent food, and it was a blessing we were right outside the entrance to Devil’s Lake and could walk right in.

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