June Update

So, Nu, what’s happening

We had a complete, challenging, and enjoyable trip to Israel in May. We rented a car and travelled the land. We both sensed a connection with the country and the people. Not sure what that may mean for the future, but our hearts are looking to the lowly King for this and other aspects of our future.

Hyde Park and University of Chicago: Notice came during our trip in Israel. The Humanities Graduate program decided that it was not a good fit; they did not accept me for admission. It may be more related to my faith then my academics. The University does have a strong leaning towards both Islam and Judaism, and an apparent bias away from Christianity.

Employment: SMT Health Systems unexpectedly and radically altered the commission structure for sales reps in April. This basically cut our income in half. We knew change was coming, we knew that things might change as I considered going back to school. Yet this change, and other changes at SMT convinced Deb and I that this summer would be my last with SMT. Some further developments while we were in Israel helped us make this decision sooner than later. I submitted my resignation with SMT earlier this month. It is effective June 30th.

So nu, a lot has been happening. It is as though everything is “off the table” and we are open to whatever the Holy Spirit places on the table before us.

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