The Professor

I am a long-time friend and pupil of Art Weiner whom I consider a spiritual father. But I have a few dog years on Art. Married 42 years to Missy with three adult children.

I have entered into a deeper relationship with Y’shua in the last few years, discovering new truths and wonders. First and foremost is “I am His, He is mine,” the simplest expression of the new Covenant.

I enjoy men-time, the outdoors, and write as an avocation (“for the love”): two published novels and two dozen short stories and a memoir. I find joy in writing and learning. (I have not mastered grammar. For that, I too have an editor.)

I have written memoir at the request of my son and, curiously, have take some wonderful journeys back in time and recorded God’s forming and directing me long before I knew him. My own Jewish background (father born in Iraq) has come alive to me.

(Peter did not share this: He taught as an adjunct professor at Marian University for fourteen years and at the University of Wisconsin/Fond du lac for five years. Not sure why he left this out – aw.)