Mrs. Smiling Maven

Debra Weiner is a conference / retreat speaker and a Bible teacher. Her love for the Word and God’s grace permeates her life.

Debra was born in Joliet IL and moved to Zion IL when she was about 11 years old. Deb has always had an awareness of God in her life even as a child. At the news that they would be moving to Zion she told her parents that they would find God there. She came to full faith in Jesus Christ as a young adult as did her family in the following years.

Life was not ideal or picture-perfect for Deb. Through severe pressures of a difficult marriage Deb has become more acquainted with God’s marvelous grace through Jesus Christ, His overwhelming, accepting, unconditional love, the freedom of His forgiveness, and His healing, and delivering power to the human soul. As she puts it: “Grace found her”. Grace carried her through the years that followed, the death of her husband and a further journey to healing and wholeness.

Deb and Art were married March 5, 2011. Together they have seven adult children and fourteen grandchildren. Deb joined Art in Smiling Maven Ministries, a Jewish flavored ministry of God’s marvelous grace. Together they teach, preach, and encourage believers, and minister to the Jewish people and to Israel.