Men’s Retreat Info

Men’s Retreat Update:

Greetings Men,

We are still scheduled and planning for the retreat June 5-7. Both the state park and the retreat center are both open and available for us. I have also attached a pdf from the retreat center; it explains the adjustments that they are making during this season.

• I do want to share some considerations and concerns:

• We have 16 men registered and planning to attend this year’s retreat.

• 12 are coming from Illinois on Friday. Our plan is to spread this number between two vans rather than one.

• Wisconsin’s Shelter-In order was overturned by their state supreme court. However, we want to be wise and careful in our decisions.

• The bulk of us are travelling from Illinois (Lake County) into Wisconsin.

If anyone is concerned that they may have had any recent contact with someone with Covid-19, we would urge them not to attend. Refunds continue to be available. Any health concerns should be taken seriously; we want to do our part in stemming any further spread of the virus.

This email is going to each registered man. I will follow-up with another email with a few more retreat-specific details including departure time, arrival time, and items to bring.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

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